#1 ~ One Flew Over The Cuckoo’s Nest

07 Dec

Some say the decade of the 1970’s was the greatest decade for producing some of the greatest film events in cinematic history. The greatest decade since the 30’s, when such greats as Gone With The Wind, and Wizard of Oz.
It was very difficult for me to really choose my favorite for the 70’s, as I love the Godfather films and Cuckoo so well. I guess it would be like a 3 way tie for #1 for me. But after looking at the film and I realized that Cuckoo had the great impact on me when I saw it. I really didn’t appreciate the Godfather movies until my early 30’s.
As I have already mentioned on this blog, numerous time, Jack Nicholson is an acting god to me. I do not think the man has ever had a bad performance. Even his role as Joker is already classic. Louise Fletcher was as just superb in this role, and even though several other actress auditioned for Nurse Ratched, I can not imagine anyone but Fletcher in this role.
The acting, the direction, by Milos Foreman, the supporting cast and the powerful story were all excellent. Even though it is #20 in AFI 100 Greatest Movies, it’s more like number 3 in my book. Number one for the decade.
After almost two months, this list is finally finished!!! Now for the next list…but we will wait until after the holiday’s to start one of the other greatest decades in film history…30’s
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Posted by on December 7, 2006 in 70's, Top 20 Movies of the 70's


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