#1 ~ Sally Field in Norma Rae

04 Dec

Sally Field’s acting in this movie is impeccable. She becomes Norma Rae. We can see her fear when she realizes what could happen if she fails. We can see her disgust when she reveals what the mill is doing and not doing for their employees and their families. And throughout the entire film we can see her passion. The passion she has for what she believes in, not just for herself, but for her family and the families of those co-workers. Some think the most powerful and memorable from the movie is her standing at the mill with the “Union” sign, I believe the most memorable scene is towards the end when she talks to her children, telling them what to expect. The movie tends to turn away from her children, but this scene focuses in on her relationship with them and the focus of why she did what she did, for her family.
Even though this film was released in 1979, Sally Field received her Oscar for Best Actress in 1980, but this was still a 1979 film, with an actress that would be remembered for decades to come. She would win a second Oscar in 1985 for another memorable role in Places in the Heart.
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One response to “#1 ~ Sally Field in Norma Rae

  1. Sebastian Montory

    February 2, 2010 at 3:40 am

    That´s indeed one of my personal favourites either.
    Field´s portray of this feminist worker succeded not only in terms of having got the coveted award, but also throughout her non ortodox career, as she once stated.


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