#2 ~ Diane Keaton in Annie Hall

02 Dec

Diane Keaton seemed to have exploded in Hollywood in the 70’s. With films like Play It Again Sam, The Godfather I & II, Looking For Mr. Goodbar she was everywhere. As Woody Allen’s girlfriend for a large part of the decade, Diane Keaton had made a name for herself as a talented, easy to work with young actress with ability for comedy as well as hard hitting drama.

Some say her Oscar should have came from her role in Looking For Mr. Goodbar, which was propelling, but her Oscar for Annie Hall was deserved. This role was written for her. She WAS Annie Hall. Her real name was Diane Hall and was nicknamed by many as Annie. She was somewhat shy and reserved and dated a very opinionated, open brash Woody Allen. Yes, she was Annie Hall. But what she brought to the screen was more than just a reflection of herself, but an open honest riveting portrayal of relationships in the 1970’s
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Posted by on December 2, 2006 in 70's, Actresses, Top 10 Actresses of the 70's


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