#5 Annie Hall

28 Nov

Already making a name for herself in films like, Friends & Lovers, The Godfather, Play it Again Sam and Looking For Mr. Goodbar; Annie Hall propelled Diane Keaton to super stardom.
As Woody Allen’s muse, Diane Keaton became Annie Hall. Actually, Diane’s birth name was Diane Hall, and her nickname was Annie.
This bittersweet, mature romantic comedy was like some great films of the past, such as The Philadelphia Story. It was also somewhat autobiographical, as Woody and Diane did have a relationship during the 1970’s.
The film explored the interaction of past and present, and the rise and fall of one man’s challenging romance with his opposite – an equally-insecure, shy, flighty Midwestern female in an almost Pygmalion like story.
Annie Hall is one, if not the greatest work of Woody Allen and is full of witty one liners. The supporting cast was just as remarkable, which included singer, Paul Simon and the legedary Colleen Dewhurst. Woody Allen would continue to make movies, some even Academy Award caliber, such as Hannah and Her Sisters, but nothing quite matched his Annie Hall.
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Posted by on November 28, 2006 in 70's, Drama, Romance, Top 20 Movies of the 70's


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