21 Nov

JAWS was one of the first realistic science fiction suspense/horror/disaster films to hit the screen. A huge summer blockbuster event in 1975, it caused beach goers to go into shark hysteria, much like Hitchcock’s Psycho caused for showers.

Watching the movie now you see that the Great White Shark is nothing more than a mechanical monster, but in 1975 it was so realistic that many theater goers had to leave do to the extreme realism.

Roy Scheider fresh from his amazing role in the French Connection starred, along with several teenagers that met their tuntimely death at the hands/teeth of this shark that threatened the beaches of New England.

Speilberg, who was only 27 when filming started on this his second directed feature film, used special effects and exciting camera shots to scare anyone from going into the water.

JAWS won 4 Oscar nominations, winning three and it launched Speilberg into the spotlight. And the dadadada theme music for the oncoming shark is forever immortalized.

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Posted by on November 21, 2006 in 70's, Drama, Thrillers, Top 20 Movies of the 70's


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