#5 Louise Fletcher in One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest

20 Nov

Louise Fletcher accepted the casting call for the role of Nurse Ratched only a week before filming began. This role was her film debut, and a debut it was. Nurse Ratched role was turned down by the likes of Anne Bancroft, Colleen Dehurst, Geraldine Page, Ellen Burstyn and Angela Landsbury. Louise played the part of the domineering and sexually depressed Ratched with pure excellence. She is a tyrant that has controlled her patients with an iron hand. To her, correct behavior from her patients means they are sane; any other kind of behavior deems them insane. When McMurphy enters the ward, a battle begins between the patient and the Ward Nurse.
She knows she has the power and wields it like a magic wand and she begins her battle with this enemy knowing that she will do what she must to ensure he will not defeat her. Fletcher came onto the screen in a role of a lifetime and proved to Hollywood that she was an actress to be reckoned with, and history has proven she has what it takes. She walked away with an Academy Award for Best Actress that year and continued a long and lucrative career.
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