#6 Lawrence Olivier in Marathon Man

17 Nov

Ten time nominated Academy Award winning Actor, Lawrence Olivier was still a big draw in 1977. In a role which would become his 9th Oscar nomination, Olivier played the part of the evil Dr. Christian Szell, perfectly.

When watching this film you do not see a superb actor who could play Shakespeare’s characters better than anyone else, but you saw an evil, menacing ex Nazi bent on finding what he was looking for, and using whatever means necessary to obtain it. He scared the shit out of me!

Olivier did not win the Oscar that year for Best Supporting Actor, but he should have as all his roles, this one was excellent and Olivier excelled. He did go on and become nominated again in 1979 for his role in the Boys in Brazil, and won an honorary Oscar that same year.
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Posted by on November 17, 2006 in 70's, Actors, Top 10 Actors of the 70's


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