Oscar Update

11 Nov

Now that I am about halfway finished with my tribute to the films and actors of the 70’s, I want to take a break and talk about Oscar. Just about 20 weeks left before the actual awards take place and only about 8 weeks before we get the nominations. As the noms get closer to us, and more films are released the predictions and BUZZ will change.

Take for example the buzz surrounding a film that we have really not heard that much about. BLOOD DIAMOND, which is directed by Edward Zwick and stars Leonardo DiCaprio, Djimon Hounsou and Academy Award winner, Jennifer Connelly. The movie is set in Sierra Leone during their Civil War, and both men are looking for an escape of their current situations by finding the rare Blood Diamond. Both Hounsou and DiCaprio are being toasted as possible award nods. DiCaprio is already in the pack for lead actor for his role in The Departed, this may just be more icing on his cake.

Another name has also popped up in the past few weeks as a contender, even though the film has been out for sometime, but it continues to crawl it’s way to the top of the ladder. Actors and actresses alike are now getting nomination predictions for Little Miss Sunshine, from the little star Abagail Breslin, to Steve Carrell and a Holloywood stand by, Alan Arkin.

There is stil a lot of confusion in the supporting actors and actresses field as no one really stands out except Jack, and word is, is that he may try to jump into the Lead category which leaves Brad Pitt a front runner in that category. Over on the women’s side it is still anyone’s ballgame. Dreamgirls is still talking a nod for it’s Jennifer Hudson, but the movie has yet to be released and even though it has had a lot of hype this year, very seldom does that hype continue, but we will see.

For my November updates I am not going to make too many changes, but I do think I am going to say Hello to Djimon Hounsou in the supporting men department, and take a close look at the ladies in the same category. So take a look over at the right for my updates under Oscar predictions.

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