#7 George C. Scott – Patton

11 Nov

For a long time when I saw pictures of George C. Scott, I immediately thought it was a picture of General George Patton. The reason for this? After seeing him in this role I associated Scott as Patton.

One of the most difficult things to do on film is to portray a famous individual. From Patty Duke as Helen Keller to Jamie Foxx as Ray Charles, there have been a magnitude of actors that have pulled off this ability, and done it well. Others are not as convincing. But those that are are usually showered with awards.

George C. Scott was the ultimate Patton. His mannerisms, his personality, his arrogance, and his humbleness WAS Patton. I became obsessed with this man after seeing Scott’s portrayal of one of the greatest leaders of our country. It is hard to imagine anyone else playing this colorful, egotistical character than Scott. But surprisingly the role was also considered by Burt Lancaster, Rod Steiger, Lee Marvin, Robert Mitchum and John Wayne.

Scott won the Best Actor Oscar for this role, but chose not to accept it in true George C. Scott character.
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Posted by on November 11, 2006 in 70's, Actors, Top 10 Actors of the 70's


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