#14 Close Encounters of the Third Kind

05 Nov

Close Encounters of the Third Kind is great filmmaking. Its success is technical, not story. While being much more a technical achievement than a success dramatically, the film does still employ some great acting talent. After almost every other male actor in Hollywood had turned Spielberg down, Richard Dreyfuss, having previously worked with Spielberg on Jaws, was cast as Roy Neary, a man obsessed by aliens and Teri Garr who plays his harassing wife Ronnie.

The film follows the lives of various characters, including Dreyfuss, and a distraught mother named Gillian (Melinda Dillon), and her young son Barry (Cary Guffey), as they are lured to Devil’s Mountain in Wyoming, to experience a spectacular, extra-terrestrial encounter.

With Pre-Digital special effects, the visual and special effects of the alien’s mothership are spectacular. This film help usher in the era of blockbuster sci-fi films as well as the push for outstanding special effects which led to today’s digital effects.

What sets this film apart from the former B Sci-Fi movies of the past is that the aliens are loving and beneficent, not the raging creatures lusting for human lives as found in most other Hollywood movies.

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