#10 Lily Tomlin – Nashville

02 Nov

There were not as many juicy roles in the 70’s for the women as there were for the men in Hollywood. But however there were some fantastic performances by the up and coming female stars in that decade that was dubbed the “New Hollywood”. One of those new names and rising stars is my pick to start off my top 10 Actresses of the 1970’s;

Lily Tomlin in Nashville (1975)
Out of all the actresses that had a role in that motion picture only Lily and Ronee Blakely were nominated for an Academy Awards for acting. After playing Ernestine (the telephone operator) on TV’s Laugh In, Lily got her break in pictures with Robert Altman’s classic and from there as they say, the rest is history. Linnea Reese, her character was a gospel singer in a black choir, and also a mother of two deaf children.

Her presence is felt throughout the movie and the last scene as her husband (played by Ned Beatty) pulls her from the stage to take her home you know a star is born.

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