Failure to Launch

05 Sep

Tripp (Matthew McConaughey) is 35 and still lives at home with his parents, Sue (Kathy Bates) and Al (Terry Bradshaw). Mom makes his bed, washes and irons his clothes, and cooks him pancakes for breakfast as if he were still 12 years old. Surprisingly this is becoming a common way of life for many adults.
In step Paula (Sarah Jessica Parker) a consultant, who has created a job to help frustrated parents get their adult children…out of their house. She does this due to the fact she was unable to have a relationship with such as person.
What happens is that these two unlikely people actually fall in love with each other. Good plot for a funny movie you say? Well not all that funny. Matthew is great to look at, and there are a few shirtless shots, but you can see those just about anywhere right now. Sarah Jessica Parker just moved from TV to movies in this role, not a real challenge. The funniest people in this movie is, 1. Kathy Bates; she is funny, and believable as a mom, who loves her son and wants to help him but just can not seem to tell him to launch out on his own. 2. Terry Bradshaw; He and Kathy have a great chemistry in this film, and his nude shots are hilarious. One of the worst parts of the movie are the animals that seem to know Tripp is not in the scheme of nature, and attack him. Really kind of a lame side joke.
Overall the movie is slow, and not all that funny. And I really never feel that Tripp ever really liked this girl to begin with. If you need something to fill your evening, go ahead and check it out, otherwise log into your computer and google Matthew McConaughey,as his Internet pictures are much more entertaining. This movie really fails to launch. D
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Posted by on September 5, 2006 in Comedy, Reviews


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