Pitch Black

24 Aug

This sci-fi movie gave most of us our first introduction to Vin Diesel, and I personally must say I was not impressed with him then anymore than I am know. The movie however was a little better than I expected.
The storyline was easy enough, but the story background left a lot to be desired. They tried to put subplots in the movie which only distracted from the main plot and caused me to even be more confused with who really was Riddick and Johns (played by Cole Hauser). The actors seemed to be forcing their lines, and many of them were not believable in their role, except for Riddick.
The cinematography was very well put together and the use of colors was exciting and different. Most of the movie was supposed to be in complete darkness,hence the title, and the pulled it off very well by using different colors as the survivors made their way through the pitch black to find their escape from the alien creatures. Speaking of alien creatures…
These aliens were a mix between “Alien” and Jurrasic Park but very believable and pretty damn frightening as well. The way they devoured their prey was very well photographed and depicted. As a Sci-Fi movie this was not bad. Not the best I’ve seen but again, not bad. C-
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Posted by on August 24, 2006 in Reviews, Sci-Fi


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