Supporting Actor Predictions

18 Aug

The Supporting Actor field is wide open this year, and with an already tremendous collection of outstanding roles this early prediction would be hard by any means. But I have narrowed it down to these five;
Jack Nicholson for The Departed:
He can play romantic leads, off the wall cops, psychotic killers, and yes even a mob boss. Jack Nicholson is (if you have read my blog before, you already know) my favorite actor of all time. And the Academy loves him even more than I do. He will be nominated this year, trust me. Will he win? That is for the Academy voters to decide. If nominated this will be an unprecedented number of 13 nominations. He is currently tied with Miss Katharine Hepburn for most acting nominations at 12.

Brian Cox for Running With Scissors:
Brian has been around for sometime, and one of the best character actors of our time. Yet he has rarely been recognized. I feel that this role with give him the recognition he deserves. Let’s hope the Academy agrees.

Paul Giamatti for The Illusionist:
Paul has been seen quite a bit at the Academy Awards in the last few years. A versatile and extraordinary actor, Paul may very well become the “Thelma Ritter” of the actor categories. (Miss Ritter was nominated 6 times for an Oscar, but never won). However it may be his year, the Academy may take in to account his previous work and this may very well be his shining moment.

Michael Caine for The Children of Men:
What Academy Awards show would not be complete without Michael Caine as a nominee. As an actor he is superb and as a winner he is extremely courteous and a gentleman. The Academy loves gentlemanly winners. He has two movies this year that he could be nominated for, but I think Children is the “meatier” of the roles and the one that will garner the most attention.

Eddie Murphy for Dreamgirls: Your probably saying…”Eddie Murphy? Your joking right?” No, and I would even venture a guess that he will be the one to beat this year in this category. I mean who would have thought that Sean Penn, or Nicholas Cage or Jamie Foxx would have ever been nominated for an Academy Award? But Eddie is flawless in this picture, and there is already talk that this movie will walk away with all the awards this year. So Eddie Murphy as an Academy Award winner? Why not?

As in my Actor predictions I also have my backup picks. With all the actors out there this year that could be nominated in this category it has been most difficult to choose these five, but as for a back up, well I chose two…
Robert Downey Jr. In Fur/A Scanner Darkly; Mr. Downey has had his feel of bad times, and it seems he has finally realized that he has potential. Let’s hope he continues down this path as the man is an accomplished actor and deserves this kind of attention rather than the attention he has brought upon himself in the past.
and secondly…
Jude Law for All the King’s Men: I do not normally like remakes, but from what I’ve heard of this move, if it ever gets released, will be a contender this year. Jude is one of my favorite actors, and he has been nominated before, so we know the Academy likes him.

So there they are, my predictions for the Actor Oscars. Now remember these may change, but the last change I make will be October 31, 2006. Nominations will be announced January 23, 2007…So see you then for my predictions on the winners!

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