#3 ~ Aviator

16 Aug

Leonardo has finally proven himself to me. I mean I’ve always liked him, but ever since Gilbert Grape, I didn’t think he was working up to his potential. After seeing Aviator, I and the rest of the world know what this actor can do. And I think we will be seeing even more of him in 2006.

He carried this film. He and Cate Blanchett. Howard Hughes was a mystery to so many and DeCaprio showed us a little of that mystery and what was behind the man. Hepburn was and is a legend and Blanchett showed us what she was all about in perfect form.

Martin Scorsese has brought an air of old Hollywood back to Hollywood with this film, and again the Academy just passes him by, but this was one of his best. His direction helped capture the essence of Hollywood in Hughes’ hey day and also the pain in which Hughes lived in it. Excellent movie, excellent direction and excellent acting. A

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Posted by on August 16, 2006 in 10 Favorite Films 2005, Drama, Reviews


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