Best Actress Predictions

31 Jul

With the Oscar’s right around the corner, and other blogs already testing their prediction abilities I wanted to jump on the band wagon and give my predictions, at least in the Actress categories. So here are my mid year predictions for the Academy Award for Best Actress in a Leading Role…

1. Meryl Streep / The Devil Wears Prada
Ms. Streep is by far one of the greatest actresses to have ever graced the big screen. With more nominations than almost any other actor or actress, save Jack and Katharine, she will once again make her move into cinematic history. Surely a living legend she will again be nominated this year for her portrayal of one of those bosses you love to hate.

2. Annette Bening / Running With Scissors

Does anyone else besides myself see a faint resemblance between Annette Bening and the Columbia Pictures woman?? But anyway, Annette has been here before, but this juicy role as a crazy, pill popping, bi-polar mother in Running With Scissors is one of her best. Hats off to the casting director as I could see no one but Annette pulling this role off as well s she does.

3. Helen Mirren / The Queen

Yet, another great actress who we have seen and heard a lot about lately, Helen is due a win. She deserves a win. She plays her roles to win. But will she win this year? Not likely, but a possibility. But she will be nominated, again.

4. Cate Blanchett / The Good German / Babel

I know she just won an award last year, but who is to say she can’t win two years in a row. Tom Hanks did. But last year was for the supporting actress award. I really feel Cate will be nominated this year, but with her in so many big name movies this year it is hard to pick which one will do the trick. Her role in Babel is not as big as her role in The Good German and it may be more of a supporting role. Cate is good, and she deserves the Oscar for best actress because she is one of the best.

5. Nicole Kidman / Fur

Nicole is and always will be one of my favorites. Even if she was married to Tom Crusie. However, I think the Academy likes her better than I, and she will be given the nod again this year. Maybe to make up for the Academy not giving her the Oscar for her role in Moulin Rouge. Plus I would like to see her win and forget to thank her new husband…

I also think there are some other actresses out there that may get the nod this year, so I am going to pick them as my contenders. Just three, but three very good roles played by very good actresses… 1. Beyonce Knowles in Dreamgirls , 2. Ashley Judd in Bug and 3. Kate Winslet in Little Children.

So there they are, my picks for Best Actress. I will give you my predictions in a few days for Supporting Actress, then when the nominations are announce on January 23, 2007 we will see how I did.

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