#6 ~ War of the Worlds

22 Jul

Very seldom, if at ever, has Steven Speilberg let me down. War of the Worlds was no exception. From the first few minutes I became mezmerized by this film.

Over the past few years, Tom Cruise has dropped on my list of favorite actors, but he was actually pretty good in this film. Not Oscar caliber acting, but good. Dakota Fanning, also was very good. But the one actor that stole my heart was Justin Chatwin. He played Tom Crusie’s son and was in my opinion the most believeable actor in the entire movie. The sub-plot dealt with the relationship between Tom’s character and that of his son. This was what made the movie for me.

Well that, and of course the special effects, which Speilberg is known for. Not one of the greatest movies he has done, but one of the top 20 I’d say.

2005 was not that great a year for movies, but with this film it did make 2005 a year worth going to the theater. B-

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Posted by on July 22, 2006 in 10 Favorite Films 2005, Drama, Reviews


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