#7 ~ Monster-in-Law

10 Jul

Personally I have never been a big fan of Jane Fonda, nor Jennifer Lopez, but this movie was a riot! What helped make it so funny was not just Jane and Jennifer, but the incomparable Wanda Sykes. Wanda Sykes is in my opinion a perfect comedienne. The timing, the style and the look she has it all.

Jennifer Lopez plays Charlie, a dog walker that falls for Michael Vartan’s character, Kevin who is the only child of a wealthy and famous talk show hostess, Viola Fields; Jane Fonda. When Viola meets her sons new girlfriend and witnesses the proposal she immediately sets out to destroy this girl in becoming the wife to her beloved only son.

When Charlie finds out what dear old mommy is up to, all hell breaks loose and no holds are barred, this is war.

I found this film funny and entertaining, much more than I had expected. Jane Fonda comes off perfectly as the over protective, hypocritical, liquor happy mother. Wanda Sykes plays her personal assistant Ruby, which I have already mentioned is fabulous. B

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Posted by on July 10, 2006 in 10 Favorite Films 2005, Comedy, Reviews


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