13 Jun

Shopgirl is one of those rare movies that make you laugh and cry at the same time. You know it’s going to be a good story when you see who is writing it. That is if you like Steve Martin, which I do. He wrote the screenplay which was based on his novella.
Right away I knew I was going to like this movie. Claire Danes is not one of my favorite actresses, but in the first few moments of this film, her charecter, Mirabelle Buttersfield stole my heart. Mirabelle is just a simple everyday girl trying to get by, being faced with people every day that look down upon her. They purchase gloves that cost as much as her salary and more. But she does what she has to do. Not seeming intersted in much of anything but her art, just taking one day at a time.
Then in walks Jeremy Kraft, played by Jason Schwartzman (son of Talia Shire), a ungainly but sincere and enduring young man. She begins to feel things for him, and then Ray Porter comes to her store to purchase a pair of gloves. An older, mature handsome, successful Ray Porter played by Steve Martin has everything but someone to share his life with. He decides Mirabelle is that someone. The gloves he purchases from the store wind up at her door. Immediately I’m thinking stalker, crazy pervert guy but that is where the story begins.

The soundtrack to this film is also very enjoyable and does not distract from the story or the performances but complements both.

The movie, somewhat predictable is well acted and put together. The story is interesting enough and maintains interest, but at times does become a little slow. Overall I loved the movie and have added it to my DVD collection. B-


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