10 Favs of 2005

06 Jun

Over the next few weeks I will be posting my favorite 10 films of the past year, 2005. In no way am I claiming that these are the best movies of the year, but to me they were.

What makes a favorite you ask?

There has to be a good plot/storyline. Without that why make the movie? As most know that read my blog I prefer drama and comedy over thrillers, sci fi and action flicks, but occasionally those do perk my interest.

Another thing that makes a movie a favorite for me is the acting. There are many good actors out there, and sometimes in one movie they can be amazing and stink in their next outing. So you can not always judge a movie by who is starring in it. Exception to that is Jack Nicholson.

Another prerequisite for a movie to become a favorite to me is the filming, the cinematography. How it looks on screen. If the cinematography works with the plot and the theme of the movie. You can have a good story and great actors, but if the director don’t know what he is doing with the camera, then I’ll usually turn it off.

Those are some of the things that make a movie speak to me, so with that said, lets see what I thought were the best of 2005.

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